07 May 2013

Street Feast: Sunday June 23rd, 2013. Will You Be Getting Involved?

Hands up who knows their neighbours? We certainly don't, although we'd like to. They seem like good people, and we know they have excellent taste in property...

Street Feast Ireland 2013
The launch of Street Feast 2013, held on the rooftop of the Urban Farm, Dublin

But we live in a busy apartment block and we rarely seem to cross paths. And lest you think we're hermits, Mr Fluff and I are not alone. A recent survey carried out by Centra - to mark the launch of Street Feast 2013 - found that three quarters of people either didn't know their neighbours at all, or knew them just enough to say hello.

Street Feast Ireland 2013
Hey look, it's Deryck! Hi Deryck!
Street Feast aims to change all that. It's a lovely movement started by a group of volunteers a couple of years back, to promote and encourage a day of local lunches across Ireland on 23rd June.  The idea is simple: bringing people and communities together through food, and encouraging good old fashioned neighbourliness.

Supported by Centra, the events will be taking place everywhere from parks and gardens to right out on the street. The organisers describe it as 'really just a great excuse to eat great food, celebrate your local community and meet new people who live near you.' Who wouldn't want in on that action?!

Street Feast Ireland 2013

If you're free on Sunday June 23rd, why not consider holding a Street Feast of your own? Just register your event at www.streetfeast.ie or www.centra.ie and you'll be sent a free party pack with guidelines, hints and tips as well as all sorts of cool stuff to get the party started - think posters, invitations, balloons, party hats, bunting and more...

Or check the website to see what events are happening near you.

Fun, food and friendship...doesn't this movement rock? Let the feasting commence!
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