30 May 2013

New Haagen-Dazs Secret Sensations: Ice Cream Heaven!

This post will pretty much be ice-cream porn, with Bradley Cooper and a couple of pretty dresses thrown in for good measure. We're all ok with that, right? Right. On with the sweet stuff!

Haagen Dazs Secret Sensations
One of my very favourite ice-cream brands, Haagen-Dazs, has launched a new ad campaign featuring the Bradster himself (he calls me Fluffster, we're tight like that). And to coincide with the ad, two delicious Secret Sensations flavours are being released in a pint sized tub.

Haagen Dazs Secret Sensations
Chocolate Fondant has pockets of melty chocolate and Crème Brûlée, nuggets of caramel with caramelised sugar pieces. I am nuts about anything caramel so Mr Fluff had to physically stop me from mowing people down, to get to the goods at the launch. But man was it worth the wait. 

As for the dresses, the new ad is full of designer couture and two of the dresses that featured were being modelled on the night - I hear more than 16 different fashion and jewellery brands were used in the campaign, with a value of  more than £600,000. That is one seriously swanky commercial.

If you haven't seen it yet (the ad launches here next week), you can get a sneaky preview on YouTube:

What do you think, and which of the two new flavours is calling your name?
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