27 May 2013

Chanel Le Vernis in Azure from L’Été Papillon de Chanel Summer 2013 Makeup Collection: Review, Pics, Swatches

Chanel's summer collection hits counters at the end of this week and, if you're going to get excited over a makeup collection, this is the one.

L’Été Papillon de Chanel Summer 2013

L’Été Papillon de Chanel is bright and beautiful and contains some surprises (yellow mascara, anyone?) alongside new innovations (the eyeshadow stylos are amazing) and, of course, some of the most covetable nail shades of the season. 

Chanel Le Vernis Azure Nail Polish Summer 2013

There is nothing like a Chanel polish to send people into a frenzy and, while there's lots of well-deserved buzz around Taboo, which is out next month, the three from the summer collection are not to be overlooked.

Chanel Le Vernis Azure Summer 2013 Swatches

This beauty, Azuré, is a shimmering blue green that dances in the sunlight and gives a metallic flash to the nails that tells you that summer has arrived.

Chanel Le Vernis Azure Summer 2013 Swatches

This is one of those complex colours that demands constant examination: the shade is constantly shifting from teal to goldish-green, depending on the angle and the light. Quality is great - I love Chanel's metallic shimmers - and it's perfect in two coats.

Chanel Le Vernis Azure Summer 2013 Swatches

Lilis, described as an intense coral, and Bel-Argus, a metallic blue, are also launching - each shade is €22.50,  limited edition, and can be yours from Friday.

Chanel Le Vernis Summer 2013 Nail Polish L'Ete Papillon de Chanel
Which one of them's calling your name? 


Isabelle said...

These are very pretty indeed! They remind me of varnishes Givenchy did a couple of years back.. Also inspired by the ocean. Stunning!

Yvonne Magner said...

Ooooh me likey, me likey a lot.

fluff and fripperies said...

Isabelle, these ones are inspired by butterfly wings - so pretty!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I adore the colour, it's stunning!! I have one kind of like it, but it's more green than blue, will have to check this one out :)) It looks wonderful on your nails!! Happy Monday doll x

Anonymous said...

So preeeeetty :-) I like Lilis just a tad more even, though :-)

Chloe Ryan Makeup said...

Wow the Chanel images are beautiful! So are your own obviously ;) It's a gorgeous colour, probably the one I would be most drawn to!

little t said...

This is beautiful - definitely on my wish list!

Nicola @ The Sequin Cinderella said...

I absolutely love this collection!


Kim Alston said...

I'm really loving both of the blue polishes. They're so unique! Nice shimmer about them.

Laura said...

The colours are so striking! I think Lilis is the one for me :)

Coco said...

Lilis for me please!!Though I see that this summer Chanel is proposing metallic finishes with its unmistakable extra wow factor. I love Azure!
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Emma said...

Hey Emma, hope you had a lovely weekend!

Absolutely adore the concept behind this collection. So so perfect for Summer! I think all three shades are so beautiful, now to find a cheaper alternative to them! :(

Emma x

Sam said...

The Azure shade is glorious, love it!

Sophie @ Niger seed said...

I like this blue colour. It's so glamorous.

Mandy said...


Laura Go said...

OOOH! It's the color of mermaid scales! So very pretty~
♥ laura
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Yvonne Magner said...

Emma I was in my local chemist this morning stocking up on La Roche Posay and perusing the Essie stand and they have a colour very similar to the blue Chanel one. I never thought to get the name for you (as was too busy snagging the last Mint Candy Apple to wear for my anniversary dirty weekend away) but I'd say it's a great dupe at a slightly less prohibitive pricetag.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I'm a total Chanel polish addict and I do believe I need Azure in my life!

Pink Elephant Blog said...

OH MY GOD!!!!! Love all these colours!!! So beautiful!