01 May 2013

Best In Beauty: April Favourites from Urban Decay, Nails Inc, Dior, Estee Lauder, Chanel and Clarisonic!

April was a strange aul’ month in beauty. While the spring releases were flying and some of the summer launches started to land on my desk, outside it was feckin’ freezing. Some days it even snowed.

I coped with the unseasonal weather by paring back my beauty routine and ramping up my skincare efforts and, in the process, discovered my latest beauty loves.
April Beauty Favourites

ONE The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette  
I thought my life was complete with Urban Decay’s Naked palette but, fickle consumer that I am, its successor has quickly supplanted it in my affections. The Naked 2 offers more cool toned options and contains 12 chic neutral shades that blend like buttah, baby.
TWO Clarisonic Mia

I’m planning a post on my current skincare routine (because I just know it’s been keeping you up at night with the wondering!) but basically, it all revolves around this. I was given the Clarisonic Mia to coincide with its official launch in Ireland last month and am enraptured with its pore tightening, blemish busting, skin softening ways.

Dior Diorshow Art Pen Eyeliner

THREE Dior Diorshow Art Pen
For a crisp, precise and effortless line that is blacker than black, it’s hard to beat this new felt tip lovely by Dior. Sadly, it’s also €34 and so whether I will purchase when this PR sample runs dry is a matter of how long, exactly, it takes for that to happen…
FOUR Estée Lauder Illuminating Powder Gelee in 'Heat Wave’

This absolute stunner of a highlighter, Heat Wave, is the standout item from Estée Lauder’s summer collection this year.  I’ve kept it close at hand from the moment it arrived – not just to wear, though it gives a delightfully flattering finish, but just to gaze at adoringly throughout the day. It is just that pretty. 

FIVE Nails Inc Feather Effect Nail Polish in Edinburgh
A few commenters were too distracted by my nails to pay enough attention to the lovely Armani Fluid Sheer I was talking about and you know what? I can’t blame you. For all of its soft and delicate ways, the Nails Inc Feather Effect polish is still a showstopper. The effect is really more Hundreds 'n' Thousands than feathery, if I’m honest, but I love it anyway.
SIX Chanel 1932

Elegant and sparkling, with tender notes of jasmine, iris, sandalwood and bergamot, 1932 continues to make me swoon. Read my full review and find out why you need this in your life.

Tried any of this little lot? I’d love to know your thoughts, or to hear what you’ve been loving of late!
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