10 May 2013

All Good Things Come To An End...

The sun made an appearance in Ireland last week. I was as shocked as you are, but determined to make the most of it - cue frantic toenail painting, locating of sunglasses and retrieval of summer essentials from the back of the wardrobe. Off I went to the nearest beer garden, clutching my favourite summery makeup bits in my warm-weather handbag (smaller and brighter than my usual black sacks).

And then disaster struck! If you were in the vicinity of the Bernard Shaw pub in Dublin on Saturday - probably the best beer garden in the city, complete with big blue pizza bus and cheap mojitos - and heard much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth, you were probably there when I dropped my handbag. No biggie, except in a freak accident of fate, my much loved Clarins bronzer and Maybelline popstick had come a cropper on the concrete floor.

Words can't really describe how much I loved these items of makeup - but obviously I'm gonna try. The bronzer was a beautiful two-toned mineral powder affair that was part of Clarins' summer collection last year. It came with SPF 15 and offered the best of both worlds - a slightly shimmery shade for an all over sunkissed glow, plus a darker matte colour that contoured up a dream.

As for the Pop Stick, it was a translucent orange balm that delivered moisture, sheen and a subtle touch of colour, smelling deliciously like cheap sweeties all the while. Yes, that was a good thing.

Rest in peace, you gorgeous products - I loved you very much. Though fickle beauty blogger that I am, I think I've found replacements...watch this space!

Have you suffered any beauty tales of woe? Share them with the group; it really helps to share the pain!

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