26 April 2013

The g hotel launches the g suite, in roaring 20s style!

Like most of the western world, it seems, I'm besotted with all things art deco and 20s-tastic.  And the launch of the new, 200-capacity events suite at the g hotel in Galway last weekend was like taking a (very fashionable) step back in time -  I swear I saw the Fitzgeralds propping up the cocktail bar, and Hemingway starting a fight over the last frogs leg. 
Opening of the g suite in the g hotel, Galway
Not sure why I'm looking so sulky - maybe all the feather boas were taken?!

It was the bee's knees, the cat's meow, the gnat's whistle (that last one was new to me, too) as, in honour of the room's stylish art deco interior, we were plunged headfirst into the glittering Jazz Age - from prohibition style cocktails to dancing flappers (or floorflushers, according to our 20s slang guide!) and all sorts of feathery accessories that really brought the theme to life.

And there were more trilbys than you could shake a stick at, which pleased me immensely - Mr Fluff continues to resist my efforts to get him into a nice smart hat.

Opening of the g suite in the g hotel, Galway

The room itself is gorgeous, as you might expect from one of Ireland's most stylish hotels. With a navy, white and silver colour scheme and lots of lavish art deco touches it perfectly compliments the rest of the hotel's Philip-Tracey-designed interior.

Opening of the g suite in the g hotel, Galway

I had to travel to Prague to find an art deco venue for my wedding, but the g suite would have saved me a trip. You can find out more on the hotel's website or Facebook page.

Pics by Kirstie McDermott of Frillseeker, which is coming soon - can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve for all of us frill-lovin' females!
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