04 April 2013

Spring Fashion Trends 2013: Best Men's Fashion (According To Mr Fluff!)

OK, Spring hasn't exactly sprung yet and we appear to be stuck in a Game of Thrones-esque (yay for Series 3!) decade-long winter but that's hardly an excuse not to be wearing sunglasses.  It's often sunny in winter and failing that they'll at least protect your eyes from the horizontal hailstones being driven into your face by those gale force winds.

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends Menswear
The sun came out just long enough to take these pictures!
So, previously I had mentioned that I love Ray-Bans and clearly the sunglasses gods were looking favourably upon me since this pair of beauties recently arrived in the post from the wonderful people at Smart Buy Glasses.  The pair I chose appear to be a an update of an old pair I own which suits me as I like the shape and sturdy frames.
Men's Ray Ban Sunglasses
But what to wear with them this weather?  On top I've gone for a long sleeved Henley t-shirt (€18.99 from H&M) since going bare armed at the moment would be sheer madness.  The Henley has been sneakily usurping the plain tee recently which can only be a good thing given the style's versatility. 

I admit my light grey trousers (€39.99 from Mango) are perhaps not entirely suited for the mudslides and avalanches we're currently enduring but feck you climate change you will not totally crush my longing for some sun! The belt, if you're wondering, is from ASOS.
Spring Fashion Trends 2013: Best Men's Fashion
Brogues (Peter Werth, €50 from TK Maxx) on the other hand are just the ticket for these inclement times.  The perforations on this style of shoe were originally designed for drainage purposes when one was tramping around one's Highland estate so while nowadays they're generally just there for decoration their functionality may again come to the fore this season.

Finally, for Spring/Summer '13 indigo seems to be the on-trend colour which suits me as this shade of jacket (mine is past season Zara) works well with pretty much everything and can be worn for most occasions, casual or formal.  A very stylish Venetian hotelier once informed me that when unsure of what to wear of an evening you should think no further than The Blue Jacket and you won't fail to look good.  Admittedly at the time we were sitting by the Grand Canal in July rather than shivering in a Dublin park in the wettest spring since records began...

What menswear trends are you loving this season?
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