24 April 2013

MAC Fashion Sets: Sneak Peek

I can think of few more enjoyable ways to spend a lunch hour than oohing and aahing over the upcoming releases from MAC. Landing first, next month in fact*, is the limited edition Fashion Sets collection so I got snap happy to show you guys what's what.

MAC first introduced the concept last year and we went wild for matchy matchy  eyes, lips and nails in the strongest colours of the season.  
MAC Fashion Sets May 2013
This year we'll have four punchy, modern shades to choose from - the orange apricot Ablaze, fuchsia flash of Embrace Me, electric violet of Heroine and,  last but not least, the shocking pink of Silly.
MAC Fashion Sets May 2013
Ablaze eyeshadow and lipglass
Each will be available as an eye shadow (€15.50), nail laquer (€12.50), matte lipstick (€18), cream lipglass (€17.50) and lip pencil (€15.50).

MAC Fashion Sets Lipsticks Silly and Embrace Mes
Silly (centre) and Embrace Me (right) - the first lippie is from another collection

I'll definitely be snapping up one of the lipsticks - probably in Silly - and maybe an eyeshadow or two, but I'm not sure yet if I'll go for a full matching set.

MAC Fashion Sets Swatches
ordered as above - Silly is in the centre, and Embrace Me is the final swatch

What do you reckon, do you have your eye on anything from the collection?

*in Ireland, anyway!
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