30 April 2013

Butterfly Twists: Fashionable Foot Savers!

Currently, I have two favourite pairs of party shoes, and I'd be hard pushed to choose between them. One pair is high, black and covered in teeny tiny sequins. The others are also black and covered in sequins - but I change into them when I just can't take another step in my heels.

Fiddling with my shoes as usual
Fiddling with my shoes as usual!
Butterfly Twists are fold-up party flats that come in a massive range of colours and designs. I was lucky enough to win a pair from London Beauty Queen last December and they saved my life on more than one occasion, throughout the party season and beyond.

They're lightweight and don't take up too much space, so they're no hassle to stuff into your handbag and they're absolute bliss to change into at the end of the night.

When my feet are uncomfortable I honestly can't focus on anything else and, since one of them was injured a few years back, it seems to happen on a regular basis. Less so since discovering these little lovelies though, and I'm already thinking about pair number two.

What about you - do you find it easy to wear heels all night long?
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