29 March 2013

Chanel 1932 Review: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I met with a beauty brand recently and we got to talking about our favourite scents. They looked at me a little expectantly – there are lots of lovely fragrances in their stable, after all – but all I could say was, somewhat apologetically, “Chanel. I just really love Chanel.”

Of course I like and wear other perfumes too from time to time, but I always, always, come back to Chanel in the end.

Chanel 1932

And now my heart has been warmed by the latest perfume in the Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection. This range of 14 luxury fragrances launched here in 2008 and is available solely from Chanel Fashion Boutiques. I often visit them there, so when this arrived at my office it was honestly like all my Christmases were coming at once.

Chanel 1932 bottle

Named for the year Chanel launched their first fine jewellery line, 1932 is inspired by diamonds and it definitely does sparkle - but not in a hard, cold way like the gemstone. It's light and warm and fresh, like sunlight dappling through an Italian lemon grove, and every bit as delightful.  
Chanel 1932

To me, it smells like springtime on the isle of Capri – the air scented with citrus and jasmine, bright and soft and lovely in a very elegant and understated way. It's a subtle scent - it doesn't overpower, but it gently lingers on my skin for hours. It’s easily my favourite new perfume and if you like Chanel’s Cristalle Eau Vert (my wedding scent!), you’re going to love this too.

In Ireland, 1932 is available exclusively from the Chanel Fashion Boutique in Brown Thomas Dublin, priced from €130 for 75 ml.

Are you a Chanel fragrance fan? Which one do you love best?
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