14 February 2013

On Reflection, Why Two Week Manicures Probably Aren't For Me

Do me a favour, will ya? The next time I start talking about getting a two or three week manicure, stop me and refer me back to this post. I mean: I love them and they look excellent and they really are convenient. Oh yeah - for the two to three weeks they are supposed to be on my nails, I am in love.

Remains of Two Week Manicure on Nails
The horror! Here I have painted over the gel and I am starting to pick it off from the bottom
And then this happens. My nails grow, or the polish chips a little, and I start to pick. I know I shouldn't, I know I am damaging my nails, and I certainly know I need to get back to the salon to get the stuff removed. Except I don't - I am too busy or disorganised or forgetful or a combination of all of the above, and I just never get around to it in time. Eventually I am shamed into a salon appointment by the sheer horror of what is happening at the ends of my fingers but by that time the damage is done. 

Short and Damaged Nails
Can you ever forgive me, my poor little nails? Will you ever recover?

The only thing for it is to cut off all my nails - which by this stage are damaged and peeling and pathetic, poor little things - and start again. Oh - and cover up the mess with a bright-as-bedamned shade of neon green, which is the only good thing about this sorry little tale. 

LVX Midori Nail Polish Swatches

Do they work for you or are you as disorganised as I am?
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