04 February 2013

Contouring with The Sculpting Powder and The Celestial Powder By Kevyn Aucoin

Shaping the face with contouring sounds like such a simple concept but in practice it’s rife with dangers: a muddy looking face or orange stripes are often the completely unintended results. But hazards aside, it’s a trend I’ve developed a mild obsession with over the past year or so, when I’ve been dabbling in all sorts of products and tools in the search for a thinner face and more sculpted cheekbones (chance’d be a fine thing!). 

Contouring and highlighting with Kevyn Aucoin

There are lots of great online tutorials on the topic – like this fab Pixiwoo video – but tools are just as important as technique. You don’t want anything too light, too dark, too warm or too orange for your skintone – all sins I’ve recently committed, so I’m speaking from experience! Shimmer is also out – you’re trying to create shadow, and not attract light. 

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder and Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder

Recently I’ve stumbled across a few products which I’m convinced are the crème de la crème when it comes to achieving a natural contoured look. I was sent a few products to try out from the brilliant Irish online beauty store, Mise Beauty, and among them were the subjects of today’s post: the Sculpting Powder and the Celestial Powder from Kevyn Aucoin. 

In beauty circles, Kevyn Aucoin is a bit of a legend. After a hugely successful career working with some of the biggest celebrities of all time, along with Vogue magazine and brands like Revlon and Shisheido, he launched his eponymous makeup line in 2001 - sadly, just a year before his death. 

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder and Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder

Both products look unassuming in the pan but the real magic happens when you use them on your face. The Sculpting Powder is ideal because it's perfectly matte - the medium shade is a cool toned mid-brown, that really mimics the aesthetic of a shadow on the skin. The texture is incredible, it's silky soft and very finely milled, feeling almost like a cream to the touch, and making it really easy to blend. The Celestial Powder in Candlelight has the same divine texture, and gives a lovely, glowy, diffused and yes, candelit, sheen. 

When used on the high points of the face, it can light up the skin and is the perfect counterpoint to the Sculpting Powder. It's a pale champagne gold that adds luminosity without shimmer. The real point of difference with both products is that they subtly make you look a lot prettier, without being OTT or obvious in any way. They're a real class act. 

FOTD with Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder and Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder

Both powders are housed in slim red compacts with lovely large mirrors and brushes which, while not the worst, aren’t as fit for purpose as others in my collection. They're priced at €41.76 each and available online at MiseBeauty.com. 

Have you tried these, or any other products by Kevyn Aucoin? Do you like to contour and highlight, and what are your favourite products to use? 

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