30 January 2013

Professional, Affordable Makeup Brushes, from AYU Dublin

It seems like the Irish are really carving out a niche for creating high quality yet affordable makeup brushes. I firmly believe that you get a better finish when you use the right brushes, but I'm also adamant that you needn't spend a fortune in the process. After trying - and loving - Irish brands like NIMA Brush and Blank Canvas, I was really interested when I was contacted by AYU, and asked to see how their brushes stack up. 

Affordable makeup brushes from AYU Dublin
The entire AYU range
But first, a wee bit of background: after 11 years in the beauty industry, when professional makeup artist Suzie O'Neill sold her salon she was on the look out for an new challenge and opportunity. Having gone into teaching, and working with hundreds of make up artistry students, Suzie realised there was a gap in the market for high-end brushes that delivered, but weren't priced out of reach of the ordinary customer. 

Having used these brushes for well over a month I can tell you that Suzie is definitely on to a winner. Her brushes are sturdy, well made and designed, feel lovely and soft on the face and really help to deliver a more polished make up effect.
Detailers -  double-ended eyeliner/brow spoolie, flat liner brush, lip brush and brow brush.
I'm really enjoying them - the chunky handles fit well in my hands, they wash well, there's been minimal shedding and the prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of the line. They range from €7 for the flat liner or lip brushes, to €9.50 for the excellent crease and blender brushes, €25 for the Duo Fibre Foundation brush and €30 for the powder brush - that last one might seem a bit steep, but with its chubby handle and dense, fluffy head, this is actually my very favourite of them all. The only brush I'm not completely sold on is the brow brush - it's a bit too soft for my liking - and I find lip brushes a bit of a faff in general, so I don't tend to use 'em. But otherwise? It's a big thumbs up all round. 
The eyeshadow brushes have become some of my favourites to use
AYU currently offer a range of 10 brushes in total (more are in the pipeline), which can be purchased individually or in sets. The website is a work in progress but check out the Facebook page or email ayudublin@gmail.com to buy via PayPal. You won't regret it - these are excellent beauty tools that would be a welcome part of any woman's make-up kit.

What's your favourite brand of beauty brush?
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