15 January 2013

Inside My Jewellery Box: My Favourite Rings

My Favourite Rings

I have big mad love for all manner of accessories but I go through definite phases - in my early teenage years I was all about the Pat Butcher ear-rings, and the bigger the better. In my grunge  days I layered on the necklaces - well, chokers, crosses and beads - like nobodies business and I went through a phase of piling on so many bangles it was kinda tricky trying to lift my arms.

Favourite Rings
Pearl and black cocktail ring c/o Les Jumelles, yellow crystal cocktail ring from Oasis, all others from Penneys!
These days, I'm all about the finger candy and rely heavily on rings to add a touch of glamour or interest to my everyday style.

I guess I'm quite traditional in my tastes - there are no upper or double-finger rings in my collection - but I like everything from massive cocktail rings to tiny delicate pieces. I buy everywhere from Net-A-Porter to Penneys and my very favourites were gifts from the people I love - the YSL Artsy ring from family, the pearl from my mum, the Astley Clarke evil eye from my godson (who clearly reads my blog; he's a very early developer!),  and of course, I love my wedding and engagement rings best of all.
Favourite Rings

My jewellery collection tends to be in a bit of a muddle but my rings at least are nicely organised and displayed, thanks to this ASOS Stag jewellery holder ring dish - picked up after I read Leanne Woodfull's Christmas Gift Guide. Thanks Leanne! I also keep a couple in a wee jewelled trinket box I picked up on my last trip to Victoria's Way, the mental but wonderful sculpture and philosophy park just outside of Dublin (so worth a visit if you can!).

Favourite Rings
Generally 2-3 per hand is as far as I go!

Do you go through phases with accessories, too? What's your current fave?
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