07 January 2013

Best In Beauty: December 2012

December Beauty Favourites

Monthly favourites are a beauty blog tradition and even though December is like, so last year, I fell in love with some amazing products that I'm excited to share with you. (Not literally obvs - back off, sister! These lovelies are mine!) Oh, and if you fancy reading all about my favourite products of Twenty Twelve, you can head on over here to Beaut.ie once you're done reading this post.

December Beauty Favourites

ONEIf you read my November favourites you'll see that this Liz Earle fragrance has made it onto the list for the second month running. Yes, it is really that good. Launching in October this is the perfect autumn/winter scent: warm, clean, spicy and delicious. It's also delightfully packaged which serves to enhance the overall experience.

TWO I have much, much love in my heart for the amazingly talented and uber successful make-up artist Lisa Eldridge. (Remember that time I met her? Oh it was swell!) And she has much, much love in her heart for Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector. But even if she didn't, this would still be the best highlighter I've ever used. This one came courtesy of beautymatters.ie and you can check it out here.

THREE Last month I raved about Kate Moss's matte lipstick line for Rimmel in number 101. This month it's no 107 that has stolen my heart - this deep, dark berry shade has rarely been off my lips over the holidays - check it out here. At €6/7 these are such a bargain - every woman needs at least one in her collection! 

Becca, Rimmel, Lancome products and swatches

FOUR Yep, I am so, so late to the Tangle Teezer party. But my fabulous new hairdresser recommended it so I picked it up on my last visit and hey, everyone was right! It can be used on wet hair without causing damage which is a massive bonus and it makes short shrift of any annoying little knots or tangles.  

FIVE Also hair related, I am loving this Crazy Colour in Burgundy which I put through the ends of my hair here. It's pretty much gone now but there's enough in the bottle for a second application - YAY!

SIX Lancome's eye-pencil in Jazzy Taupe is just exquisite. Part of their Christmas collection this metallic shade looks amazing on the water line, on the lower lashes or smudged all over the lid as a cream base for powder shadow. So, so pretty.

What products have really been floating your boat?
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