21 January 2013

Benefit Fine One One: Review, Pictures, Swatches

Two big beauty trends for 2o13 that I’m especially excited about are cream textures, and  highlighting/contouring. So when I heard about Benefit’s Fine One One I was very intrigued – it’s a cream stick with three shades (a blush, highlight and contour) that aims to deliver a ‘sheer brightening’ effect.  Plus, it’s in a pretty rose gold case, and rose gold is the metallic du jour.

I had some initial reservations though, especially around using this to contour. The creamy coral that’s included as a contour shade seems much more suited as a blush. But we already have that in the middle colour –described as watermelon, but more of a medium pink. They’re topped by a pale pink shimmer which is definitely fit for purpose as a highlighter.

Except, for some reason, I find it hard to apply evenly from the stick, and the lightest shade doesn’t really transfer to my face. Instead I get two strips of colour: the coral and the pink. Blended together, the result is a pretty - but very sheer - peachy shade, that gives my cheeks a nice but subtle glow. Unfortunately, it won’t show up on skintones darker than medium, but for paler types it will be ideal. Then I use a brush or my fingers to dab some of the highlight shade along my cheekbones, or the top of my cupids bow. (You can also use the product on your lips, but I much prefer it on my cheeks.) 

So, somewhat surprisingly, and despite my initial reservations, I do like this a lot. Currently I’m wearing less slap on a daily basis – think BB cream, neutral eyeshadow, tinted balm – and this works perfectly with my current mood. It’s convenient to apply, the consistency is good, and it doesn’t look or feel greasy, or melt away the makeup that’s already applied, like some sticks of cream blushers can. It looks even, and lasts all day. Just don’t expect it to be any great shakes as a contour!

There have been a few mixed reviews for this around the web so if you’ve tried this or plan to, I'd love to know what you think! It’s €34 – though this one was a PR sample - and it’s out next month. 

What are your favourite cheek products? 

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