30 June 2012

The Best Budget Beauty Buys, According To The Guardian's Beauty Writer Sali Hughes

You're gonna want to grab a notebook and a pen before you watch this - it is seriously the best video I've seen yet from the Guardian's beauty expert, Sali Hughes. She shares all sorts of secrets about how and why you can get hold of high end products from budget brands at budget prices, and lists her favourite low cost, high performance products. Go on, have a look - you can thank me later.

29 June 2012

Summer Scents - Three New Fragrance Favourites from L'Occitane, Stella McCartney and YSL

The signature scent concept is lovely in theory, but in practice, there’s a whole new world of fragrance out there just waiting to be discovered. This year I’ve branched out from my favourites - Chanel’s Cristalle Eau Vert for warmer weather, No 5 for cooler and Beige for everything in between - and been rewarded with some fabulous new discoveries.  Here are three I’d highly recommend for summer.

28 June 2012

Shopping in Sephora - what I bought for me, and what I bought for you (with international giveaway!) [Now Closed]

I’ve obviously come over all flahulach this month – maybe something to do with not being able to see how much money is actually in my account?!  As well as the new Chanel purchases I showed you yesterday, I also picked up a few bits and pieces while I was in Spain. We don’t have Sephora in Ireland so it’s always exciting for me to come across one of these havens for those of us mad about makeup.  Keep reading to see what I picked up for myself…and what I picked up for you lot, as an international giveaway!

27 June 2012

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Vision and Epatant, Chanel Delight Le Vernis: Photos, Swatches, Review and FOTD

I am entirely under the Chanel spell. Everything about this brand resonates with me -  the history and heritage, the brand's visionary founder, and her enduring legacy. I desperately covet the classic quilted handbag, the two tone ballet flats and the iconic jacket and, while they continue to elude me, few things thrill me as much as a new beauty product featuring those interlocking C's.

Here are my most recent acquisitions - bought in airports, all three, over the past month.

26 June 2012

Travel Beauty: Make Up I Packed For My Trip To Barcelona

Ok, so this isn't, strictly speaking, everything I brought with me. But it's everything I actually used. Maybe, next time, I'll look back on this post and refrain from using at least half of my baggage allowance on toiletries and cosmetics. Maybe...

Read on to see what products actually deserved their place in my case!

25 June 2012

Win! 5 Pairs of Tickets to Bridget Jones’s Diary, thanks to Defining Beauty @ Dundrum Town Centre [Now Closed]

This weekend, Saturday 30th June & Sunday July 1st, Dundrum Town Centre will host a beauty extravaganza for all of us besotted by beauty.  ‘Defining Beauty @ Dundrum Town Centre’ will run on both days from 12 noon-7pm on level 1 of the centre.  Keep reading for more details and to find out about a special giveaway for Irish readers of Fluff and Fripperies. Not in Ireland? Skip straight to this earlier post.

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation Review - Five Reasons To Get In Line!

This week, something very, very big is happening in the world of beauty.

On June 28th, as part of a worldwide exclusive, YSL counters at Brown Thomas in Ireland and Selfridges in the UK will launch Le Teint Touche Eclat. It will be available everywhere else from July 14th.

This is the most significant foundation launch in living memory. Twenty years on from Le Touche Eclat, and after 10 years in development, YSL have harnessed the illuminating power of their iconic radiance pen in a foundation.

The world and its mother are set to go absolutely bonkers for this product - and here are just five of the reasons why:

24 June 2012

Sharing is caring: Irish Beauty Bloggers 2012

Over the past year or so there’s been something of an explosion in the Irish beauty blogosphere, which has been really lovely to see. It’s a proper little community now full of lovely, talented and creative women who are putting lots of hard work and effort into their sites. And Laura Fitz, the brains behind Fitz n Bitz, has taken the time to compile this very handy little video to share the love. It features 48 of Ireland’s beauty bloggers, so you’re bound to discover someone new to read.
The links are below the jump - enjoy! And if for some reason you’re not there feel free to leave your link in the comments or on Laura’s original post here.

23 June 2012

Tom Ford Beauty Nail Lacquer in Bitter Bitch

I've had this polish for about five months, so it's bordering on negligent not to have shown it to you before now. Tom Ford's nail lacquer in Bitter Bitch might not be seasonal (check this post for more typically summery shades), but it sure is classy - which made it perfect for the recent L'Oreal awards.

This is the deep glossy brown of dark chocolate or coffee - hence the rather fabulous name - and, while I try not to have favourites, this is the jewel of my nail polish collection. In some lights it looks almost black; in others, it has a slight berry tone. I've tried to show both in the pictures above.

Packaging is predictably great - Tom Ford is all about the details - and, happily, so is the product itself. It applies smoothly, wears well, is incredibly shiny and longevity is good, too.

It's €30 - which is mad for a nail polish, yes, but actually quite good for Tom Ford - the lippies are closer to €50. You'll find it in Brown Thomas.

22 June 2012

Korres Lip Butter Tinted Lip Balms Are Brilliant And My Fluffy Little Pick Of the Week

I think I've found it - the perfect tinted lip balm! Korres Lip Butters are a favourite of beauty editors and bloggers alike - and now I know why. These two arrived just in time for my Barcelona trip, where they were given a thorough testing. And they were so brilliant that I hardly wore anything else while I was away.

I know, I know - there are hundreds, if not thousands, of tinted lip balms on the market. So what sets these apart?

21 June 2012

Beauty from the inside out: three supplements from Paradox, BetterYou, Bach

I don't generally bother with supplements or herbal remedies - if I remember to take a daily multivitamin, I'm doing well. But I've happened on this trio of products in various goody bags recently, and I'm rather taken with them.

20 June 2012

FOTD featuring lots of L'Oreal, with YSL, ARTDECO, MAC, Avon, Clinique and Liz Earle Cosmetics

If you read this post you'll know I was at the glittering awards ceremony recently for the Oscars of the hairdressing industry, the L'Oreal Professional Colour Trophy Awards.

With the night that was in it, it seemed like a good time to work a few of the latest L'Oreal releases into my look. Keep reading to see what I put on my face!

19 June 2012

Six Summer Shades: Great Nail Polish Colours from Chanel, Essence, Artdeco, Sally Hansen, Avon and Max Factor

Rummaging around my nail polish stash has unearthed these six little summer stunners. Mostly in the warmer weather I like a nice classic bright, like this red Sally Hansen shade, the pink Artdeco number or the juicy orange of Chanel's Holiday. But I also like the odd shimmery metallic shade - they look gorgeous sparkling in the sun - which is where this Essence number comes in. It's a lovely bronzey/pewtery colour.

And of course, summer is the time to experiment a little, so I'm also digging these shiny blues, which are both just that little bit special. The Max Factor shade has a bit of duochrome action going on, while the Avon shade is a dazzling, super sparkly glitter.

Now for the hard part - which ones will I wear to travel to Barcelona?!?

What summer nail colours are you loving right now?

18 June 2012

Monsoon Maxis Are Totally Floating My Boat!

For me, holiday dressing is all about the maxi. And if there’s one brand that knows how to do a maxi, it’s Monsoon. They’re at the higher end of high street pricing, but I have Monsoon dresses that are years old and look like I bought them last week. Keep reading to see what caught my eye from the current collection.

16 June 2012

Incoming! New Shades of Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Vision and Abstraction!

Ooh, what's this, then? Could it be a brand new shade of Chanel's really rather fabulous Illusion D'ombre cream eyeshadow? What's that? It is? Well, move outta my way, I have shopping to do!

These little stunners have the most wonderful texture - check out my review of Mirifique - and they wear beautifully. Initially released in six shades, a further two are coming our way as part of the Expressions De Chanel edit. This small collection focuses on the eyes and will launch next month.

Pictured are Illusion D'Ombre in Vision, a gorgeous looking gold, and the chic neutral eyeshadow pallette, Les 4 Ombres in Intuition. A second shade of Illusion D'Ombre will also be launched - called Abstraction, this is billed as a natural rosy peach.

Come payday, either Vision or Abstraction will be mine (they're €29, so I'm limiting myself to one!). I'm leaning towards Vision - what about you?

15 June 2012

Liz Earle Powder and Precision Brushes: Review and Pictures

In my recent Favourites post I was extolling the virtues of the Liz Earle blusher brush. It's something of a revelation - blush can be tricky, but this makes blending out the colour an absolute breeze.
So it probably won't surprise you that I've since added to my collection and welcomed the powder and precision brushes into the fold.

14 June 2012

Fragrances For Men: Mr Fluff Advises on Summer Scents from Armani, Chanel, Guess

OK so it’s not quite on a par with ‘The Return of the Mac’ (younger readers ask your parents) but yes, Mr Fluff is ‘back once again like the renegade master’ (whatever that may mean).

But enough of me showing off my extensive knowledge of 90’s hits because this blog is fresher than the Prince of Bel Air, the reason being, today I’m reviewing man smells for the summer! 

13 June 2012

L'Oreal Professional Colour Trophy Awards 2012

This week Ireland's hairdressing talent was celebrated at the Grand Final of the 2012 L'Oreal Professional Colour Trophy Awards. The event - known as the Oscars of the industry- is the most important fashion inspired event in the hairdressing calendar.

UCD's O'Reilly Hall was packed with some of the most prominent names in hair and beauty - including Trevor Sorbie, who sat on the judging panel - and the atmosphere was electric! Spectacular shows by Cats Hair Group and Dylan Bradshaw book-ended a presentation of awards to the cream of Irish hairdressing.

This is life changing stuff - the winners receive a one-year, tailor-made package that can propel their careers to a whole new level. Opportunities include training, travel, meeting their hairdressing idols and seeing their winning looks captured by a leading photographer for use in national press.

All of the model looks were creative and inspiring, but there were only four winners on the night. So who scooped the coveted awards?

Drumroll, please, for the 2012 winners of the L'Oreal Professional Colour Trophy Awards:

Irish Tatler Style Award: Zeba Maynooth.

L'Oreal Professional Young Colourist Award (25 or under):  Danielle Garnier from Peter Mark O'Connell Street

L'Oreal Professional Men's Image Award: Brown Sugar

L'Oreal Professional Colour Trophy: Zeba South William Street

More information can be found on the awards website.

12 June 2012

Stuff I Heart: Coloured Liner, from Clinique, The Body Shop and Eyeko

Ok, so I’m not the most adept at applying the stuff, but a look I really love for summer is a flash of coloured eyeliner on the upper lid. It’s quick and easy and doesn’t look too heavy in the sun. Here are three colours I’ve been wearing a lot of late:

11 June 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks - Review, Swatches and Lots of Pictures!

If you're still on the hunt for the perfect summer lipstick, STOP! And feast your eyes on these little lovelies from L'Oreal's latest line of lippies, Rouge Caresse.

09 June 2012

Beth Ditto for MAC

In true rock and roll style, Beth Ditto has just launched her new MAC collection with a party and performance in Berlin. The 25-piece collection looks like it will have something for everyone, with colours ranging from pretty pastels to full-on brights.

The limited edition range, described as ''where candy-glossed pop meets polished punk', includes several colours of mascara, four shades of shadow/liners, five shades of pro longwear lipcreme and four nail polish colours. But the piece I'm most intrigued by is this polka dot powder palette,  intended for use on eyes and cheeks.

I'll be checking this out as I pass through Dublin airport next week - that's apparently the only place stocking this line in Ireland, though you can of course get it online.

Anything tickling your fancy?

08 June 2012

Things To Do In Dublin: Head For The Hills, and Visit Victoria's Way

Victoria's Way Sculpture and Philosophy Park Dublin

What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than on a philosophical journey from birth to death, amongst the trees, wildflowers and bog lands of this sculpture park in the Wicklow mountains? Today’s post is dedicated to one of my favourite discoveries, a genuine hidden gem that I was lucky enough to stumble across while en route to a kiddies fun park.
Victoria's Way is the creation of owner Victor Langheld, whose vision has been brought to life by a team of Indian sculptors. This 22 acre park now houses more than 20 colossal sculptures, including a host of giant granite elephants, an emaciated Buddha, a capsized ferryman and a gigantic finger, to name but a few. They're all created in India and shipped to Ireland at the owner's personal expense.
The park is open from 12.30pm to 6.00pm every day, from the end of April to mid September. Admission is €2.50 and works, like the on-site craft shop, on an honour system. Drop the coins in the allotted slot, and proceed on your merry way. It takes at least an hour to wander round.
And speaking of the craft shop – make sure you drop in! It’s filled with all sorts of delight’s picked up on Victor’s travels – ranging from incense to jewellery to little statues of Indian gods – and all at incredibly reasonable prices. I like to stock up on ear-rings and trinket boxes while I’m here.
Magical, spiritual, beautiful, serene and more than a little bonkers, Victoria's Way is all of these things and more. It's a unique and surreal experience, and well worth the trip.
For directions and more details, check out The Victoria's Way website. Fancy a trip?

07 June 2012

Up To My Eyes Salon Raises Funds For Sight Savers Ireland - WITH GIVEAWAY! [Now Closed]

Here’s a nice little excuse to treat yourself this month. The Greystones based beauty salon, Up to My Eyes, are on a mission to raise as much funds as possible for the charity Sight Savers Ireland.
Sight Savers work to eliminate avoidable blindness in developing countries - a cause close to salon owner Elaine’s heart, after she experienced near sight loss after recent surgery.
A generous €10 from every full set of Mink eyelashes (€99) purchased throughout June will be donated to the charity. 
Up To My Eyes specialise in lashes and brows and while I haven’t been there myself yet, Rosemary has and had only great things to say about her experience.  And I can personally vouch that her lashes looked awesome!
I have however has eyelash extensions in the past and was delighted with them - they're a fantastic way to emphasise and define your eyes. To make an appointment, call the salon on 01 2872781 or see the website, for more details.
And as if doing there bit to save sight worldwide is not enough, the lovely team at Up To My Eyes are also giving away a Shellac nail treatment to one lucky winner of Fluff and Fripperies. Just follow the steps below to enter but bear in mind the salon is in Bray, so you have to be able to make it there to claim your prize.  And once you've entered, be nice and leave a comment below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

What's In My Shower? Daily Essentials from Voya, Philosophy, John Frieda, Gillette and more!

I've been mixing it up recently when it comes to my morning routine so I thought I'd do a little post to share what's in my shower.

06 June 2012

Burberry Beauties: Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn and Edie Campbell announced as faces of new campaign

Meet the new faces of Burberry Beauty - stunning British models Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn and Edie Campbell.  The new campaign, shot by Mario Testino in London, launches later this month.
My experience of Burberry Beauty is limited to an unflattering yellow toned nude lipstick that's kicking about at the bottom of a handbag, but I have to admit, the brand does appeal to me. I know Burberry is quintessentially British, but to me, the aesthetic is quite French – all relaxed, classic elegance.
Do you own any Burberry make up? And do you approve of this trio as the new faces of the brand?

First Look - LUSH Newbies!

We were delighted to receive this very fragrant parcel of Lush lovelies at Fluffy Towers recently. We’re going camping next month y'see, and these goodies will come in very handy indeed. They’d also be perfect for those of you who have plans to festival it up over the summer, so keep reading!

05 June 2012

Deal Alert! New 17 Wild Curls Mascara, €1.50 at Boots until June 16th!

We all love a bargain so hotfoot it down to your nearest Boots, to snap up yours. This new 17 Wild Curls Mascara is available for a teeny tiny €1.50, by downloading this voucher. The normal price will be €8.94 but you can avail of this deal until  Saturday, 16th June.

Volume and curl are what’s promised here, with an intense smouldering finish that lasts for up to 10 hours. Have you tried it? What’s your go-to mascara of the moment?  Tell me in the comments!

Fashion Fix: Summer Sorted, With Tesco!

If you haven't popped into your nearest clothes carrying Tesco's of late, you are in for a rare treat. This summer's collection of swim and beach wear is one of the store's best yet.
At the recent press day I was really taken with the adorable mix and match swimwear line, with bikini tops from just €4.50 and swimsuits from €7. There was a great range of patterns and colours from metallic to crochet to polka dot...

Holidays are covered with a wide selection of sarongs, kaftans and sundresses on offer. I really liked the maxis, which come in a variety of colours and prints in the €10 - €25 range. Cute little cut-off shorts, €11.50, and piles of colourful sandals and flip flops, from just €3, are also on offer.

The lighting wasn't conducive to photography so the pics above are just a little teaser - head to your nearest store for a closer look. Not sure where it might be?  Find out at www.tesco.ie.

04 June 2012

This is not just make up, this is M&S make up!

I was impressed with the Marks and Spencer Limited Collection clothing line recently, and have just learned that there's a cosmetics line to boot!
'Fun and affordable but with M&S quality guaranteed, Limited Collection gives you that freedom to experiment', says the brand.
This nail polish is apparently quick drying, and costs €4.75. The eyeshadow, in Silver-Satin, is €5.50 and the bronzer is €7.00. 
Have you tried any Limited Collection make up? Would you?

02 June 2012

Global makeup artist for Estee Lauder, Rodolfo Arciga Chavira, in Brown Thomas, today!

Want to update your look for summer? Well you're in luck - global makeup artist for Estée Lauder,  Rodolfo Arciga Chavira, is in Brown Thomas today!

This is a great opportunity to have your summer look customised by a top international makeup artist, with a wealth of experience including  Mexico Fashion Week, Vogue Mexico and Esquire.
Visit or call the Estée Lauder counter in Brown Thomas Dublin on 01 605 6666 to book your appointment today.

01 June 2012

Could you be Ireland's next top fashion stylist? U Magazine want to hear from you!

Outside Ireland? Skip straight to this post!
Have you always dreamed of a career as a top fashion stylist? Then this could be just the opportunity you're looking for. U Magazine will run a competition over the next seven issues, with a prize package including mentoring and a shoot in the pages of the mag.

NOTD: Chanel Le Vernis in Distraction

I've been neglecting my nails recently and last week they took revenge, with most of them splitting or breaking and the rest needing to be trimmed down to size. I desperately need a manicure but until that happens I've been distracting the casual observer with this appropriately named shade of Le Vernis from Chanel.

Released mid May as part of the Roses Ultimes de Chanel Collection, this very pretty polish is a bright but creamy pink toned coral. There's also a subtle pink shimmer in the bottle that doesn't show up on the nail. The colour is fantastic - it looks great against a tan and I don't have anything quite like it in my collection. I also found the formula easy to work with: it's streak free and is fully opaque in two coats. I'm on day 3 with no chips, so it's two beautifully bright thumbs up, from me!

Chanel Le Vernis are priced at €21.90; this one was courtesy of the brand.