13 December 2012

Fluff and Fripperies in the Metro Herald! Pick Up Your Copy Today!

Metro Herald newspaper has been brightening up my commute forever and I am definitely not alone – this free Dublin newspaper goes out to 195,000 urbanites every morning. And if you’ve been picking it up over the past couple of weeks you may have noticed a familiar face popping up in the Style section every Thursday. I’m delighted to be writing a regular column for the paper which, in the run up to Christmas, is focusing on festive party makeup. If you missed it, or you live outside of Dublin, then I’ve posted my first two columns below. Hope you enjoy!

My piece on party nails is out today, so do keep an eye out – and if you have any suggestions for future columns in the New Year, please tell me in the comments! If you enjoyed it, you could always tweet them to let them know ;)

Tried anything I’ve featured? Let me know how you got on!
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