04 December 2012

Best in Beauty: November 2012 (with International Giveaway!)

It feels like we're hurtling towards Christmas at the speed of light (to the soundtrack of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now, or is that just me?!). But before we get completely absorbed in the festive countdown I want to kick back for a second and pay tribute to my favourite beauty bits of November. Here's what's really impressed me over the past month.

ONE: Lush's new haircare range is fantastic and Blousey is my current fave. This gentle shampoo for coloured and fragile hair looks like a pot of mushed up bananas - they make up 25% of each pot. There's all sorts of other great stuff in there too, from spices to cocoa butter and essential oils, and they're really doing the trick: my hair feels really soft and nourished. Fabulous stuff.

TWO: Some of the credit also has to go to L'Oreal EverSleek conditioning masque, launched this spring as part of the Hair Expertise line of sulphate free products for overprocessed hair. I've tried the shampoo and regular conditioner and liked 'em, but this? This I love. It's incredibly thick and makes my hair feel silky and swishable.


THREE: Liz Earle's latest scent, Botanical Essence No 15, is a deliciously warm and spicy concoction that has been complimented each and every time I've worn it. Smells just like Christmas.

FOUR: I just wrote about this Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in #110 so I won't bleat on, except to say: LOVE. And also: READ MY REVIEW HERE!

FIVE: Ditto Sally Hansen's exceptionally pretty Gem Crush nailpolish in Big Money. Twinkly and delightful.


SIX: The opposite of twinkly but just as delightful, Chanel's Le Vernis in Vertigo is a fabulous murky purple with tones of gray and brown. Moody and a little bit gothic, it looks fab on shorter nails.
SEVEN: Also from Chanel, my latest beauty purchase is this double sided makeup mirror - one side is magnified for precision application. It cost just under €30, but it's fabulous.

If you've tried anything here, I'd love to know what you thought. And what were your favourites last month?
Oh, and the giveaway! I picked up one extra lippie and one additional bottle of Big Money, for one of you. It's open internationally and to win, you just have to be a follower via GFC and leave a comment below to say why you'd like to win. Good luck!
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