12 November 2012

Tooth Whitening: My Experience At The White House, Swords

My newfound love of orangey red lipstick has been encouraged in no small way by a recent visit to The White House Tooth Whitening Clinic. My gnashers have never been my finest feature and, as a former smoker and a current and enthusiastic red wine, tea and coffee drinker, I've always been pretty self conscious about my teeth.

Operating since 2008, the group has five clinics across
Ireland - in Swords, Dundrum, Belfast, Cork and Galway - with further plans to expand.  I headed along to the Swords clinic where I underwent two successive 18 minute laser treatments.

It was all very efficient, quick and painless - the worst part was wearing the dental retractor throughout, to hold my mouth open and keep my tongue out of harm's way. Once that's on, a gel is applied and the laser light accelerator gets quickly to work.  You don't feel a thing.  

The best part of the experience? Discovering that my teeth weren't as bad as I thought in the first place - according to the White House tooth colour guide, at any rate. It hammered home the point that we really are our own worst critics. But there was still room for improvement and the treatment lightened my teeth by up to 3 shades - a very satisfying result. Although nobody has actually commented on the difference, I see it myself and I definitely feel more confident about my smile.

The next day I experienced a few momentary flashes of sensitivity which weren't connected to eating or drinking - they just happened out of the blue. But as soon as they started they were over and after that first day, I had no further discomfort - even while drinking cold drinks or eating ice cream on my hols.

The White House are currently offering a special rate of €99, down from €150 - check out the website for more. If you're conscious about your teeth or would just like a whiter, brighter smile, I'd really encourage you to give it a go.

What do you think? Is tooth whitening something you'd consider?

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