27 November 2012

Spray Tanning: The Final Frontier! Decadence Tan Review, At Bushras

Decadence Tan

Just before I headed off on holiday last month I broke my final beauty frontier: the spray tan! Despite being absolutely terrified of patchiness, turning orange and smelling of biscuits for the rest of my life, I decided it was time I conquered my fears, and accepted the kind offer of a Decadence Spray Tan.

Bushras Beauty Salon, Mary Street Mall, Dublin 1
I’ve been interested in Decadence since they launched earlier this year. It’s a natural, organic Irish brand that’s not tested on animals, and is free from parabens, sulphates and mineral oils. Ingredients include seaweed, aloe vera, vitamin E and various essential oils, so its kind to the skin. So I popped into the bustling yet calming surrounds of Bushras Beauty Salon to pop my spray tan cherry.  (Oh, and while I was there, I paid for a mani/pedi and an eyebrow threading, too – prices were reasonable and the staff were great. I’d recommend.)
Squeezing in a quick pedicure while I was there!

I’ll be honest: I was a bit rubbish at preparing - exfoliating, moisturising and all that jazz. And I was completely unsure of the protocol – should I wear these funny disposable pants? Why is she handing me Vaseline? How long will I have to stand here pulling poses? (Answers: not if you don’t want tan lines, it acts as a barrier to stop the tan staining your hands, and about 15 minutes).

Looking naturally tanned - and slightly alcoholic - in Spain!

The next day, the colour looked alarmingly dark. And I won’t lie, I could definitely detect a faint whiff of biscuits – but nothing unpleasant or overpowering. Once I’d showered, I was delighted to uncover a natural looking golden glow, with only one tell-tale patch on an elbow to give the game away. I felt like I looked healthier and even, dare I say it, thinner somehow. Off I flew to Spain and as my two week holiday progressed, the tan faded nicely and evenly, with no streakiness. I was definitely impressed.

Next time – because there will be a next time – I’ll rub some of that Vaseline on my elbows, too.

A full body spray tan at Bushras costs €30; a half body is €20. Check out their website for more, or for more on Decadence Tan, see here.


Adele said...

Can you believe I've never had a spray tan!! Sounds like you had a good experience.
Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

fluff and fripperies said...

Adele - this was my first! It went really well, I'd recommend xo

Crosswire Dreamers said...

I am so glad you loved your first spray tan! I happen to be a bit of a tan-a-holic haha. They definitely make you feel skinner. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Spain xo

Life, Loves...... said...

I always come out orange or way too dark. So I have totally given up on fake tan... embracing my fairness and I am ok with that....lol

Sam said...

Its great that you've tried out a spray tan and it was a success, I've heard a few scary orange tinged tales before!

Anonymous said...

Very brave of you! I wouldn't try it... :)

Chloe Ryan Makeup said...

Tan definitely makes me feel thinner! I love the mirrors in the salon! Hope you had fun on holiday (so jealous!!) :) x

Siún said...

Looking good, Emma! I'm also not into the tanning, seems to be a real love or loathe thing :)

little t said...

The girl who developed this, Kassy, is from my hometown of Tullow. Small world! Great to see it doing so well!

Bravoe Runway said...

I think you had a really good experience!! I have seen some bad bad spray tans that were orange...very natural looking!

Emma said...

No matter how many times I see someone looking great with a spray tan I just don't think I could ever do it. I am so fair I just never looked right when I used the tan developer lotions when I was younger. You look great in this photo, the tan suits you! although I do think everyone looks great in their natural skin tone!

Emma x

thecriminallyexpensive said...

Your tan looks fabulous!!

I have had my share of spray tans in the past and I am familiar with the good (professional spray tan done at Brazil Beauty Bar NYC), The bad (at home spray in a can that made me pretty unnatural looking and made me smell like soy sauce for days...Yuck!)and the ugly (The Mystic Tan at the tanning salon I used to work at when I was 17...let's just say and orange was less orange than I was and I was as patchy as a quilt lol)

Thanks stopping by and showing love! You are far too kind (My hair was pretty bad lol)

Your new fan,

The Criminally Expensive

Kiss and Make-up said...

Hehe, I love the last photo and what it says... :-)

Anya adores ☆ said...

Sound great and you made me fancy a go too :)
Have a lovely day,

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

I had my first spray tan for my hen and then again for the wedding, like you I was pleasantly surprised! Think I'll only save it for special occasions though, I'm too lazy for all the preparation!x

Milex said...


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Wow, you look fabulous Emma and have a great sun kissed look! I've never tried spray tans but would give it a try!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

The Braided Bandit said...

I have only gone once in highschool before prom, but this place is making me wish I lived in Ireland! You look gorgeous with your natural-looking golden glow!
xo Hannah

Coco said...

Thank you Emma for this review. I've always meant to try this spray tan technique, but I had your same fears. What about the hairline? You look amazing in this picture, I'd say they did a great job! xoxoxo