22 November 2012

New Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss for Rimmel: #101 (Review, Pictures, Swatches, FOTD)

It seems like Kate’s second Rimmel line is an even bigger smash hit than the first. Everyone loves these lipsticks and yep, here’s another convert. The formula is one of the new breed of mattes – velvety, non-drying, creamy and with a bit of a sheen. Personally, I don’t care for the sweet, fruity scent, but for such exceptional performance and tiny €6.95 pricetag – cheaper yet in the airport, where I picked this up - I can definitely look past it.

Available in five shades – there’s also a beige, red, coral and berry - I stepped outside my comfort zone with this dusky, cool-toned pink. The closest colour I own to it is MAC’s Snob, which leans cooler and more mauve. #101 is a touch more wearable, giving a pretty, soft and almost vintagey lip look.

I’ve been so seduced by this that I now own two more - and I fully intend to collect the full set!
Have you tried these yet? And what’s your favourite current lipstick look?
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