09 November 2012

Mink Lash Extensions at Up To My Eyes: Review and Pictures

Up To My Eyes salon and, top left, Mink lashes waiting to be applied
Exactly five weeks ago today I was treated to a full set of Mink extensions at lash specialists Up To My Eyes. I’ve delayed my review so I could assess how the lashes wore, and how I felt about them as the weeks wore on.  

Firstly, to those who may be concerned about the welfare of the furry little critters by the same name, Mink lashes have nothing whatsoever to do with actual minks. They’re made of a lightweight silk, and glued to your natural lashes.

Now, I had acrylic extensions right before my wedding and, while I loved the effect, they were a world apart from Mink lashes. They lasted half the time, felt heavier, looked slightly odd and unbalanced as they shed and, after about two weeks, I ended up trying to remove the ones remaining. In the process I lost a few natural lashes from my left eye which haven’t yet grown back. 

Please note: I am wearing NO MAKE UP in these photos, such is the power of these lashes.

 But I was swayed by the glowing reports of friends who’d had the Mink experience – check out Rosemary’s report here – and I am so glad I did. I can’t emphasise enough what a difference these make to how you look, and more importantly to how you feel – my confidence increased tenfold, I’ve been wearing MUCH less makeup and, especially in the beginning, when I saw myself in the mirror, I smiled.

I was lovely and comfy for the hour and a half  it took for the lashes to be applied, lying back on a pink salon bed and covered with a snuggly, light blanket. The salon itself is a gem – bright, glamorous and feminine, it provides a relaxing yet stylish experience and the staff are all experts in their field.
And the results? AMAZING. Long, full, fluttery lashes and super defined eyes – I felt about ten times prettier and more glamorous than before. I felt like I looked like my best, at all times, and with no effort, and that is a pretty great feeling to have.
I was given some aftercare tips – no oil near my lashes, no mascara and keep ‘em dry for at least 24 hours – and advised the extensions would last between 5 and 6 weeks, and shed with my natural lashes. Fast forward five weeks, and about 1/3 of the extensions remain – but my lashes still look great; much, much better than before (take a look at this post to see my stubby little lashes au natural). As soon as I have time, I’m getting these babies refilled.
The full set of luxury mink extensions are €120; refills are €50 - learn more on the Up To My Eyes website. Is this something you’d consider, or have you already tried lash extensions yourself? 

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