30 November 2012

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler; Clarins Men Exfoliating Cleanser; Dove Men Dove Men+Care Moisturiser: The Movember Review!

I took advantage of my mate Deryck's valiant charitable efforts this year to make him test out and review a few male grooming products for the site. Here's what he made of his new grooming regime...

This year I decided to get involved in Movember and grow a…questionable moustache, in order to raise funds for prostate cancer. And, to my delight, I’ve been given the opportunity to try out a few new products to help me add a bit of style to my 'tash and keep my face looking fresh!

 To improve my overall shaving experience I’ve been using Clarins Men Exfoliating Cleanser (€25.52) and Dove Men +Care Moisturiser. Clarins gives you the fresh faced feel you get from an exfoliator minus the fruity like smell that usually comes with it, a plus in my book. The Dove moisturiser, which seems oily on application, actually dries in nicely taking away the stiffness of a dry face without the greasy coat you’re often left with.

I've also been trialling the Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler (€27.69). Now I’m pretty picky about the razor that I use and have stuck to one brand for a good number of years so I was a bit hesitant about changing, but what gadget loving man in his right mind could resist trying this bad boy out. It comes in 6 pieces: 1 battery powered Trimmer, 1 Blade (with edging blade), 3 different trimming length attachments and a neat stand to store it all. Even the name makes it sound like an elite pro-tool. And it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

I started it out with the weekend test. Every man knows the feeling of a Monday morning shave, cutting through the weekend-long stubble only to be confronted with an itchy neck and face. The Proglide Styler gives you a great option to trim those long hairs before you attach the razor blade and glide through the shortened hairs. This cuts down beautifully on the pulling affect you normally have and gives you a smooth comfortable shave.
If you sport the designer stubble look, you have the 3 length trimmer and edging tool that allows you to keep that consistent length and detail the edges to give it that rough yet kept look. Or if you like to leave some fur on your face, you can use all 3 elements to give you a style that even Craig David would be jealous of.

The only drawback to this razor, like many others, is that the blades are very expensive. But overall this is quite an impressive piece of equipment and I for one look forward to a long and styled relationship with the Swiss Army knife of razors.
What do you make of Deryck's mo? It's his last day to raise funds, so if you're feeling generous, you could always donate a few pennies to the cause - check out his Movember profile here. Ah g'wan...no amount too small (or too large!)  
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