16 November 2012

Fall Fashion Favourites...or Autumn Accessories!

While I try to love all of my accessories equally, there are some that are more equal than the rest. Even these recent buys haven’t stopped me reaching for this same handful of favourites again and again in the past few weeks.

The ASOS bag was ordered, ooh, minutes after writing this post. I love its fluffy shearling ways and while it’s smaller than the mammoths I generally like to haul about with me, it’s also plenty big for the daily essentials.
And it might be classed as a neutral, but leopard print still packs a helluva punch.  This scarf was a Christmas present from last year and I have just about worn it to death. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for its replacement.

I also love this sequinned collar which I picked up in Topshop in London on a recent daytrip (which you can read about here). It gives every outfit a bit of a kick up the style ladder, and has breathed new life into some of my old wardrobe favourites.

Finally, along with my wedding and engagement rings, these two are rarely off my fingers. The YSL Arty ring (so loved by bloggers that it’s now referred to as ‘the bloggers' ring'!) was a gift from my mum and my sister and I adore the warm amber colour in the stone. As for the turquoise bevel ring, I bought it on sale from Astley Clarke (and told you all about it here).
What are your favorite fall fashion* accessories?

*Sssh, I know I'm not American, but the alliterative appeal was just too strong!
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