24 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide For Men - Straight From The Horse's Mouth!

Mr Fluff's back with a few ideas for treating the man in your life this Christmas! Hope you get a few ideas, and if you've any other suggestions for presents for men - always the trickiest to buy for - do leave them in the comments.  

Accessorising isn’t something generally associated with us men folk but in reality we actually do it all the time, perhaps without realising it.  Belts, watches, wallets, cufflinks, the list goes on.  So, call it what you like, here’s a few accessories that have caught my eye recently and Mrs Fluff should note that these picks all make excellent Christmas gifts for that special gentleman in your life…

ONE: OK so I work in a bank and therefore probably find novelty cufflinks far more amusing than most people but come on, you have to admit that these spinning globe ones are brilliant! (£250 from Dunhill.co.uk). They're made from the gemstone azurite which gives them the bluey/greeny colour that looks just like earth viewed from outer space - well cool.

TWO: Since you can no longer take liquids through security at the airport a decent wash bag is essential for looking stylish while queuing in a stuffy, overly bright room in your socks desperately trying to stop your beltless trousers from falling around your ankles.  This Smith and Canova one (£65 from John Lewis) will save you the further embarrassment of having to show in public that Lynx Africa abomination you got as a birthday present from your Granny.

THREE: Of course you need something to put your wash bag in so how about this classy weekend bag (€199 from marksandspencer.ie).  The perfect size for a short trip away, it would last a lifetime and, being leather, improve with age.

FOUR:  OK so we don’t write as often as we used to but this pen, or ‘writing instrument’ (£280 from montblanc.com), will make the task a lot more bearable.  You can even get it personalised which I think would definitely give that extra feeling of old fashioned luxury.

FIVE:  Finally as the nights draw in your number one accessory has to be your scarf and I make no apology for doing my patriotic duty and recommending a tartan one (£18 from highlandstore.com).  I particularly like the muted colours of this lambswool scarf ensuring you’re kept warm without straying into shortbread tin territory. Hoots mon!
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