15 October 2012

Pure BB Cream in Super Light: Review and Pics

Remember Emily? Being considerably paler than I am, she's been trialling the Pure BB cream in super light.
BB creams are a bit of a mystery to me. They blew up on the market suddenly and seemed like over-hyped tinted moisturisers, so I avoided them. Until now that is. I trialled the shade “super light” from Pure’s addition to the fold and the name alone felt fitting for me. I’m really very hard to colour match and although I’ve found a few foundations I can work with, it’s a painstaking process. So for all my pale comrades out there, this one’s for you!
My first impression when I swatched this cream onto my hand was that it was quite dark. I mean really dark. Definitely not “super light.” So I took a deep, sceptical, breath and off I went.
What struck me is how hard-working this cream is. It’s great for your skin, containing vitamin E, collagen, avocado oil and aloe vera and it lasts pretty well throughout the day.
It has a thick consistency but I was surprised by how easily it spread across the face. It blended really nicely and seemed to be losing the frighteningly dark pigment as I went along but I wasn’t sold just yet.

After a few hours in work I snuck off to the bathroom to see how we were going. The make-up bag was in tow in case I needed to do some damage control but I couldn’t have been more pleased. It was the definition of a “no make-up” make-up look, which is an almost impossible look to achieve when you draw similarities to Casper the friendly ghost.
The coverage isn’t ideal for me, I need a bit more for the blemishes and bags but it did even out my skin tone and I can see how this would be perfect for those irritating lucky people who have clear skin.

This is a cream to have on hand when you want to keep it very natural and lightweight. It’s also available in light and medium and at an ‘Ermahgerd!’-worthy price, where would you be going wrong I ask you?!

No really, I’m asking you. What do you think? Are you sold on the BB cream phenomenon?

Find Pure online at Amazing Face for £3, or for just €1.49 at Dealz. And remember to check back to the site this afternoon for the latest in our series of birthday giveaways!


Martie @ Spunkyrella said...

I felt the same about the BB craze. Most of them are way too oily for my skin. I heard great stuff about Bobbi Brown´s very new BB cream which comes oil-free. I am going to check this one out ;)

Adele said...

GReat review! Like you I would need a bit more coverage!!!
Happy Monday Hun xoxo
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The Dainty Dolls House said...

Sounds interesting, will look into this :) xx

Emily said...

Martie, I'll have to give Bobbi Brown's BB cream a look-see myself. I think I've been converted to the BB side!

Thanks Adele!

The Dainty Doll House, if you do buy it I'd love to hear what you think!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Thanks for this review from a fellow pale lady!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Anonymous said...

Still waiting to stumble upon a BB cream. When I do, I'll buy it.


Aoife O'Connor said...

I'm still sticking with my Garnier - I just love it

MissMOC said...

I'm still sticking with my Garnier - I just love it

Celine (McMademoiselleLikes...) said...

The only one I tried was the Garnier one... I used the Light, and ended up a not-so-nice shade of Orange. Definitely not a good look!

Sarah Jane said...

Great post! I'm always on the look out for make-up for pale skin so thank you:)