18 October 2012

Pretty Purple Polish: A Guest Post From Lovely Girlie Bits!

I've introduced you to Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits before - I'm a big fan of the blog, and an even bigger fan of the blogger.  Warm, funny and down to earth, Karen's site is a daily read for me. Check it out for yourself - after you've read today's post!

As the nights get darker and the days get colder, for some reason, I'm more and more drawn to purple nail polishes. Sometimes I pretend I'm totally regal and put the most purpley purple polish on and other days I feel like something really dark and mysterious, as mysterious as a polish can me. I've picked five purpley favourites from my stash

First up is Max Factor's Fantasy Fire. The blogosphere went wild when this came out earlier this year and you can see why. It has a light purple base and is is filled to the brim with shimmer of every colour. I'm talking gold, orange, red, blue and green and I can tell you that it's one of the most dangerous polishes to wear when you're driving because I guarantee that you'll be looking at your nails in the sun, trying to see the different colours. A must have.


One of Essence's new shades is Oh My Glitter and it's one of my favourites. It's a lilac creamy base with pink and purple shimmer running through it. When I think of lilac, I always think of spring and Easter but this shade fits in well to early autumn and I love teaming it with Fantasy Fire.


Color Club is one of the newest nail polish ranges that I've come across this year and Secret Agent is Cadbury's Milk Tray box purple. It looks more blue in the photos but I assure you, you'll want a chocolate or two when you see this on the nails. The formulation is beautifully thick and creamy and the finish is almost pearly. Just stunning.


We've another shade from Color Club but this time it's a purple glitter polish called Alias. This is a really dark sheer purple base and is packed full of purple, gold, green and blue shimmer. It's so multifaceted and is deliciously dark and smouldering.

Finally is Ciate's Talent Scout, a mid toned purple creamy polish. This is the most sophisticated of all the purple polishes that we have here and would be the most office friendly for most of us. I'm lucky in that I can wear any polish to work and a lot of times I have myself caked in glittery shades, but for some reason, this polish makes me feel very grown up and well put together! Who'd have thunk it

What's your favourite purple polish?

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Adele said...

Loving the darkest purple shades!
Have a fab Thursday Hun xoxo
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ZoeLou said...

These look stunning I am getting more into my purple polishes recently too fantasy fires amazing! like the look of the ciate one too X

fluff and fripperies said...

Checking in from Spain - finally found some free wifi! Thanks so much for this Karen, great post :)

Eleanor said...

they're all gorgeous! love the sparkles! :)

CeeCee said...

Love that Colour Club that's second from the last and that Ciate is beautiful too!

Mary Tee said...

I adore the Ciate one, what a gorgeous colour, just what I've been looking for!

Manases Andrea said...

All of them are beautiful, but Max Factor's Fantasy Fire for me is the best! I have it too :)