30 October 2012

Last Chance To Enter! Birthday Giveaways CLOSING TODAY!

Ok, so your actual prizes are not piled up in my bathroom - I took this photo at the Boots Christmas press day - but will be sent out to by the brands themselves. But that doesn't change the message of this post which is HURRY! BE QUICK! DON'T MISS OUT! I've been running a whole heap of amazeballs giveaways to celebrate the site's second birthday - many of which are open internationally or in the UK and Ireland - and for most of these, TODAY IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO ENTER!

Here's what you can get your hands on; each of these is linked back to the relevant post:
Good luck everyone and please do share this on Facebook, Twitter etc - your friends will love you if they bag some swag.

Now here's the best bit: these giveaways might all be closing soon BUT THERE ARE STILL MORE TO COME! OH YES! So do keep an eye here, on Twitter, on Facebook, because IT COULD BE YOU!

Phew, I need a lie down now after all that excitement. See you all soon!


Adele said...

Wow! Lots of fabulous prizes.
Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

April-Lily said...

wowee - how do we enter?! x

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You had the BEST birthday giveaway celebration! It is well deserved my dear and congrats on being the top Irish beauty blog!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

fluff and fripperies said...

Ah thanks so much, CnC!

April-Lily - click the link to go through to each giveaway and enter via the widget on each individual page xo

Laura said...

Amazing photo, and prizes! Hope you had a great holiday Emma xo

fluff and fripperies said...

Thanks Laura! Back to earth with a bump now though xo

stellaaamarina said...

Thanks Laura! Back to earth with a bump now though xo wwow, entere me please fb stefy ste
email abellaa@virgilio.it