22 October 2012

Halle Berry Closer: Review

Y'all remember my buddy Allsun? She's back to share her thoughts on one of the more interesting celebrity scents of the last few months...

Perfume and Halle Berry aren't words I would always put together, but I was intrigued to hear she has launched the latest celebrity scent Closer. I wouldn't normally purchase "celeb" endorsed perfumes but I was excited to try this one.

The whole theory behind the perfume is that this is a unique fragrance for women that would appeal to men, and therefore create a new level of intimacy through the power of scent. All sounds fantastic if you ask me!

The packaging is lovely and streamlined, the bottle itself is an elegant prism shape and fits in your hand perfectly however it does have the look of a masculine aftershave bottle in other ways.

From the moment I sprayed this perfume, I could smell the tones of spice which were quite manly and definitely gave the scent a good punch. The first thought that came into my head was that this fragrance reminded me a little bit of the aftershave my Dad used to use - "Old Spice"!

However after the initial punch of spice the fragrance settles down into a subtle floral scent that comes across as very sophisticated. The longer you have the perfume on more florally and vanilla tones begin to emerge.  Closer really becomes a lovely rounded scent after the spice calms down.

This fragrance definitely is one that lasts all day, I can still smell it on me and I have had it on over 7 hours, so in my book that is brilliant. This is definitely a perfume I will use, however I would probably use it more for day wear as I like a scent that is a little sweeter for evening time...

Closer is out now, priced at €24.95 for 50ml. What sort of scents do you go for? And if you feel like expanding your collection - do stop by this afternoon!
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