19 October 2012

Clarins Odyssey Collection: Wibble.


Clarins Odyssey collection for Christmas 2012 is so beautiful that it takes my breath away and turns my knees to jelly. Housed in their gilded, adorned compacts, the products themselves are every bit as stunning as the packaging. I mean just look at them!

When it comes to showstopping powder palettes Clarins are top of the class - remember last year's Passion palette, anyone? The Odyssey palette is if anything even more covetable and is the perfect collector's piece if you can't bring yourself to actually use it. But if you do, you'll find the gold overspray quickly vanishes leaving you with a velvety smooth all-over finishing powder. This is €55 and in my book it's worth every penny.

Each shade is swatched both wet and dry

The Odyssey eye palette is even better value at €40 and is something I think most women would get an incredible amount of wear from. It contains three taupe based shadows that are ideal for everyday use, and one amazingly sparkly gold cream. Just pop this over the top and bingo - day to night in one sweep of a brush!

These are both TO DIE FOR and they're out this month.

Like what you see? And if you're a Clarins fan, pop back here later, why don'tcha?
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