12 October 2012

Anna Dello Russo Gold Serpent Cuff

So I may have been cheating just a little bit when I included accessories from Anna Dello Russo's H&M line on yesterday's wish list. Y'see, thanks to the lovely Anne Marie from What She Wears, I already knew I had this baby in the bag.

I've been coveting a piece of this collection since the day I first heard of it. But due to work commitments I knew I couldn't queue up outside H&M the day the collection launched (I know! I'm so dedicated!). A tweet from Anne Marie alerted me to the fact that she was covering it for her site so I got on to her straight away. She got 10 minutes in a pen  with 19 other shoppers and she managed to grab me this gorgeous serpent cuff, while she was there.

From the turquoise and gold packaging to the elaborately designed thick paper bags to the fabulous statement pieces themselves, everything about this collection screams expensive. But guess what? It ain't! My cuff was just €29.95 with the ear-rings coming in for less and the neckpieces going for €49.95.

Check out What She Wears for more details on the launch. Did you get your hands on anything from the collection? Do you like this piece, or is it too over the top for you? Tell me in the comments!
Oh - and make sure you check back later for another birthday giveaway!
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