05 September 2012

You Need A Fashion Shower: Anna Dello Russo’s song and dance for H&M

It seemed like forever away when I first wrote about it, but Anna Dello Russo’s new accessories collection for H&M edges ever closer. To promote the launch on October 4th, the brand will be releasing Fashion Shower, an electro pop ditty and video featuring the eccentric editor.
You might already have seen this clip but the extended version is being released by H&M this week. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it, to be honest. I was close to cringing, but I don’t think I ever quite got there. It could be just the right side of crazy to be fabulous.
But just what do all these fashion types have against comfort?! I like to be comfortable. People, there is nothing wrong with comfortable.
Watch it and tell me what you think. Do you need a fashion shower?
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