14 September 2012

Men's Fashion: Top Picks for Autumn, from Mr. Fluff!

Back in the day (more days than I care to remember) Autumn in general was nothing to be looked forward to, what with it signalling being back to school, dark evenings and costume dramas. However, since unlike now our childhood summers were always sunny, it did at least tend to mean a couple of new outfits for yours truly.

Nowadays I have buy my own clothes but this comes with the advantage of being able to pick them myself - so the shorts, sandals and duffel coat combo is out (for now!) and I’ll be leaning towards some of these more up to date pieces to take me into the months ahead:
1. Slim jeans by Nudie from ASOS, €156.39

2. Carharrt Finest Sweater, £54.99 from Red Square Clothing
3. Pretty Green field jacket £194.99 from Red Square Clothing

4. Cheap Monday Loose Pocket shirt €56.87 from ASOS

5.  Shore Leave Beige Suede Blue Crepe Chukka Boots, €99, Urban Outfitters
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