10 September 2012

Look Book: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

The wait is over – H&M have released the lookbook for Anna Dello Russo’s collection, launching on October 4th. (I wrote about the collectio here, and here). Margareta van den Bosch, creative adviser for H&M, told WWD: “There is something feisty and over the top in this collection”.

No shit, Sherlock. Featuring almost 50 pieces, ranging from jewellery to sunglasses, shoes, luggage, handbags and a feathered headpiece, the collection is anything but subtle. Gold and turquoise feature heavily, as do snakes, crystals, stiletto heels and dangly pendant ear-rings.

Blinging and excessive as it is, the thing is, it looks surprisingly wearable. And while I don’t have any word on euro prices, WWD report that dollar prices are extremely reasonable - from $24.95 for a pair of earrings to $299 for the thigh-high black leather boots.
So I don’t hold out too much hope for getting my hands on that little turquoise clutch. This one is gonna fly.

Anything calling your name?

Images from H&M, via The Backseat Stylers


The Dainty Dolls House said...

I like the bracelets, they are great!! I would go for those...hopefully people can get what they want though, these things can be crazy! Happy Monday xxx

little t said...

They are actually not as flamboyant as I imagined they would be! (I know they are not exactly low-key either...but for Anna!)

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

Oh! I think I"m going to need that cat necklace!

xo mary jo

Roxy said...

The sunglasses are totally ridiculous but I kind of want them, too.

Adele said...

Amazingly OTT, but I love it! Sure to be a sell out.
Happy Monday xoxo

Alex said...

Ohhhh I like the luggages!!! ;)
Also the coral and turquoise bracelets. Xx

Fairly Obvious said...

I love Anna Dello Russo, I actually just posted her Fashion Shower video on my blog! haha

fluff and fripperies said...

She's fabulous, isn't she! xo

CeeCee said...

That turquoise clutch is AMAZING!!! I also quite like that lizard bracelet that's hidden in there..