27 September 2012

La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum, Hydreane BB Cream: Review, Pictures, FOTD

So as I was saying in U Magazine (!), I'm a big fan of French pharmacy brand La Roche Posay. When it comes to skincare they really know their stuff: whatever your area of concern, they're bound to have a product to treat it - for an overview of their main lines, check out this piece I wrote over on beaut.ie.

Prices are affordable, too, ranging from €4 for a lip balm up to €35 for a serum, with most products coming in around the €20 mark. So taking all that into account, it's no surprise that I've been loving this latest duo of products I was sent by the brand. 

It's hard to find good products to treat dehydrated skin - that's skin that is lacking in water, as opposed to dry skin, which is lacking in oil. Mine is dehydrated as well as oily on my tzone, and this Hydraphase Intense Serum is working wonders. The first time I used it I swear I could feel my skin drinking it up - it looks smoother and more plumped up, and I've seen a marked improvement in the fine lines on my forehead. It's bloody brilliant - and at €23, it outperforms many serums at four or even five times the price.

As for the BB cream, it arrived just as I was packing mine away in favour of fuller coverage products for autumn and winter. But what the hell, I figured - despite having tried out hundreds of the things, there's always room in my heart and my handbag for one more BB cream.

And this one is particularly nice - I've been wearing it at weekends, with a slick of mascara, a touch of cream blush and some tinted lip balm (that's a Revlon lip butter I'm wearing in the pic - Strawberry Shortcake, I believe!). It's easy and effortless, evening out my skintone, keeping my skin hydrated and with SPF 20, it's protecting me too. This ranks beside my favourite BBs from Estee Lauder and Dior, but at €18, it's half the price.

Have you tried any products by La Roche Posay? I'd love to know your favourites - do share 'em in the comments!
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