11 September 2012

Cliniqe High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara: Review and Pictures

Ok, so, despite owning a bajillion types of mascara and understanding the concept of a wardrobe of products for different occasions, I will never give up the search for The One. You know, that one perfect mascara that can do EVERYTHING, from length to curl and volume with no smudging, flakes or clumps. Ideally I also want to layer it, so I can ramp it up from day to night.

Lancome's mascaras have come the closest for me in the past, but Clinique are definitely giving them a run for the money with this latest release.

High Impact Volume Extreme hit counters at the start of this month and oh boy is it a good 'un. Let's start with the price: it's €21 which is almost a fiver cheaper than a Lancome equivalent and about a tenner less than a Dior lash flatterer, so that's not to be sneezed at for a high end product.

And you're getting a really great mascara for your money. It does everything that I look for, creating a full on, fanned out lash look in just one coat. It has a ginormous moulded brush head, which picks up masses of product.

Now, I'm not normally a fan of supersize brushes as I find them really messy, but happily, that's not the case here. The Clinique brush combs the product easily through my lashes for a clump and smudge free finish. It won't go crunchy on you so you can add another layer at any time during the day  - and the domed tip takes care of those teeny little corner lashes, too.

If you're in the market for a new mascara, this one should be close to top of your list.

What are you currently using on your lashes?
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