29 August 2012

New! No 7 Foundation Match Made Service (AKA when Fluff and Fripperies Met The Fabulous Lisa Eldridge!)


So I gave you a hint in yesterday's post and today I'm spilling the beans on what Boots No 7 have been up to for the past three years, under the guidance of their supremely talented creative director, Lisa Eldridge.

Call in to your closest Boots and you’ll find that the entire range has been given a makeover, from the counters to the uniforms to the products themselves, which have been updated with new colours, textures and formulas across the range.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet the lovely Lisa herself (and she is SO lovely, both in manner and looks), who introduced us to a new service being rolled out as part of the brand's relaunch. Tidemarks should be a thing of the past as the No 7 Foundation Match Made Service uses Pantone technology to scientifically match women to their perfect shade.

So how does it work? At the launch I was measured by a No 7 advisor who used a small hand-held measurement device against my jaw line - after first removing a small strip of makeup from that area. This assesses and records the exact colour of the skin using a combination of lights and a camera - it can take upwards of 200 photos of your skin in the blink of an eye!

After talking through your preferred texture and finish, you’ll be matched up with one of 17 new ‘skin-true’ shades, which are the same across all No 7 foundation types. The shades were formulated after measuring the colour values in the skin of more than 2000 women of all ages and ethnicities, and identifying 17 main colour clusters.

I think all of us who have a selection of not-quite-right bases gathering dust will really welcome this new innovation. The foundation I've been matched to is in the post so I can't share my thoughts on that just yet but the shade surprised me -  I'm Cool Ivory, and I didn't know I was  quite that pale!

Are you looking forward to checking this out for yourself?

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