16 August 2012

L'Occitane Volumateur Volumising Hair Mask and Mist Review

I had mixed feelings when L’Occitane’s volumising hair products landed  here at Fluffy Towers. On the one hand I was happy because they sound like amazing products. But I was also sad: they’re for fine to normal hair, and I knew I’d have to pass them on to someone with that hair type. Step up my lovely co-worker, Emily…

I would akin my relationship with my hair to that of a pageant mother and her daughter; I want it to look good, perform well, maybe win an accolade or two, but I haven’t given too much thought to the permanent damage I might be causing it. My hair is quite fine and the ends are a bit fried from excessive GHDing so recently  I turned over a new leaf, I decided I want my hair to go to college and so I’ve been trying to find a good repairing routine that isn’t too taxing and that I know I’ll keep up.
Then in walks L’Occitane’s Volumizing Mask and Volumizing Mist for fine/normal hair into my life and oh how happy I’ve been.
As soon as the mask went on, my hair felt silky smooth. It was instant. It’s really great for detangling and has managed to give my hair back a healthy shine.
Volumising? Well it gave me really good lift at the roots. Not exactly beehive hair but it certainly gave me more to work with. Overnight the lift seemed to drop but bring on the mist and you can get it back.
I was worried the mist would make my hair a bit greasy but this wasn’t the case at all. I took to applying it to the roots and brushing my hair upside down to help it out. This isn’t exactly the directions on the bottle so that step is probably going to make me look silly but what can I say? It felt right.
These have a lovely, natural scent (not an assault on the schnoz as I find some hair products to be), very fresh with hints of pine, mint and orange.
Definitely a routine I think I can work with but I’d love to know what products you use to give your hair some TLC.

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