28 August 2012

Lisa Eldridge, The Art of Kissing and a Teaser for Boots No 7!

When I met Lisa Eldridge a few weeks ago she was wearing the most amazing lip print dress. She was in town to tell us about the latest beauty innovation from Boots No 7, and I'll fill you in on all the details later this week. For now let me just tell you that, as gorgeous as she is in her videos, she's about a million times more gorgeous in real life - and just as gracious and charming as I'd hoped.

But back to the dress! Coolspotters tells me it's by Prada Resort - which makes sense, it's the same print as on a dinky little Prada handbag I was recently admiring.

Both pieces are of course WAY out of my price league so I was delighted to clap eyes on this image for an upcoming Freedom for Topshop collaboration. The Art of Kissing is by quirky and contemporary jewellery designer Patricia Nicholas and features necklaces, rings and ear-rings in a colour palette of scarlet, black and gold. Painted nails, parted lips and skeletal hands adorn the pieces which are priced between sterling  £20 and £60 and will be available from Topshop Oxford Circus or, for us non Londoners, online at Topshop.com

Do you like a bit of lip action too?!
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