19 July 2012

Treatment Tales: Danné Medi Pedi at Carter Beauty, Blackrock

For a while now I have been on the hunt for something I wasn’t sure really existed – a foot treatment to remove the dry skin on my feet, and include a really good foot massage.
Recently I threw it out on Twitter, where there was consensus that for dry, hard or calloused skin, a Danné medi pedi is your only man. But what about an aul’ foot rub? Sadly, it seemed that ne’er the twain would meet.

Then I was contacted by Marissa Carter, MD of Carter Beauty - one of my favourite salons - who told me any therapist worth their salt would customise the treatment to the customer. This was a new one on me. So she invited me in to see for myself.

My therapist, Gemma -  an absolute sweetheart - talked me through the treatment. There’ll be a foot rub? I asked her anxiously. Yes, there would be a foot rub. But not before my feet were bathed and an alkaline paste applied to my heels, the balls of my feet and the side of my big toe – basically, wherever there was a hard skin build-up. The solution raises the pH level of the feet and causes the dead skin to dissolve away.

A neutraliser was then applied to bring the pH of my feet back to their normal level – at which stage I had a good rub to see how things were progressing. My feet felt fabulous! Soft and smooth, with about 80% of the hard skin removed.
Then came the part I’d been waiting for. Gemma used a callous cream to give my poor aching feet the massage of their lives. It was so blissful I didn’t want it to end. It was followed by a file and polish with the very cheerful OPI shade, Brights Power, and I was done. I left the salon with a spring in my step, feeling refreshed, renewed and relaxed – and already planning my next visit.

You’ll find Carter Beauty at 40 Main Street, Blackrock. A Danné medi pedi is €70, or €90 with a file and polish. It’s also worth keeping an eye on their website as they run great special offers which change according with the season.
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