25 July 2012

Clarins 3 Dot Liner Review - and meet Allsun!

Meet Allsun - a great friend who puts me to shame with her knowledge of beauty bits I know nothing about. The stuff that scares me - like fake tan, false lashes and extensions - is second nature to her, and she's offered to share what she knows with all of us here on the site. I'm so excited that Allsun will be making a regular appearance on Fluff and Fripperies, and to kick things off, she's talking to us today about one of her favourite new autumn releases. Take it away Ally!

For the longest time, I have been searching for an easy-to-apply liquid liner in the deepest, inkiest black. Well, I think I have found my star product! For all you ladies with shakey hands like me, who really find it hard to put on eyeliner, let me introduce you to Clarins' new innovation, the 3 Dot Liner.
Clarins 3 Dot Liner Review

This 3 Dot Liner is part of Clarins' Ombre Minerale Makeup Collection for Autumn. The whole concept is centred around 3 ink dispensers.

You press the liner right at the very roots of the lashes which gives you a dot to dot effect - this gives you a really fuller lash line. Then just go over the dots, filling in all the gaps and Voila! You have stunning black eyeliner.
After testing this product, I found it very easy to apply - there was no need to pull the eyelid skin to put this eyeliner on, as it glided on. Once you have the dots placed right at the root of your lashes it is easy to build up the colour by going over the line again and again.

I was able to create those famous "wings" which have been beyond me for years!! It really is designed to give you that heavy black fuller lash look.
I promise you once you have this eyeliner on, it will not budge, smudge or fade; it takes a really good eye makeup remover to get this bad boy off. This product will be out next month priced at €24 - I highly recommend!
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