30 July 2012

Make Up Shake Up! Shopping my stash #5, with Clinique, Eyeko, ARTDECO, Isadora, Clarins!

Here we are with the 5th instalment of the Make Up Shake Up series, where each week I have a rummage through my collection and put together the things I'll be using that week. The idea is that I'll use more of the pieces that I own and hopefully, won't be as tempted to continually buy more. It should also stop me falling into a pattern, where I just use the same handful of products again and again.  Here's what's in this week's bag.

EYES: I had completely forgotten about this little Clarins kit - it's part of the Barocco collection that was released a couple of years ago. I got it for Christmas and fell completely in love - I don't use the black shadow but the gold and the marbled bronze/gold shade are so pretty. I will pair them with a new brown eyeliner I was sent by Isadora, and this Eyeko Skinny Mascara I reviewed for beaut.ie.

LIPS:  L'Oreal's Rouge Caresse in Nude Ingenue is a really sheer glossy nude that, like all the lipsticks in this line (check out the others in my collection here), feels lovely and balmy on the lips. Love it.

CHEEKS: This ARTDECO blusher is a work of art. I was sent it earlier this spring as part of the brand's Marrakesh Sunset collection - the fuchsia, coral and rosewood shades combine to create a soft, pretty pink.

FACE: I really wanted to just pop my Dior BB cream into this week's make up bag again. It's the only thing I've worn lately that doesn't cling to the little dry patches that have sprung up on my face. But that would defeat the purpose of this series and so I rummaged through my bases and rediscovered Clinique's BB Cream. Hopefully this will also do the trick. Instead of powder I plan on using some oil absorbing sheets I picked up by Kleenex - and I'll be using Soap and Glory's Trick and Treatment under my eyes, to finish things off.

Have you tried any of this little lot? Let me know how you got on!
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