26 July 2012

LUSH Emotional Brilliance - Pics and Swatches of Glamorous, Power, Focus, Happiness, In Charge

Squee! The new make up line from LUSH hits stores this week! I was a big fan of their previous range, B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, which came in the most gorgeous bejewelled packaging, and have mourned it since its demise. So I’ve been excited about this new range since the day I first heard it was coming down the line.

The main bulk of the collection is made up of these gorgeous little glass bottles of colour, for lips and eyes. There are 30 of them in total, and the line is rounded out with some skin tints, powder and mascara.

The concept is a bit out there, but I dunno, I kinda like it. It involves a colour game – you spin a big wheel in store, and pick the first three colours that immediately appeal to you. The names of the products correspond to something in your life – your strength or weakness, subconscious need or talent. Sometimes I get stressed out and baffled by too many choices, and this is a fun quirky way to narrow down the selection.

But what about the products themselves? I did a happy little dance when I opened up my parcel from the brand, to find two cream eyeshadows (Focus and Happiness), two liquid lipsticks (Power and Glamorous) and one liquid eyeliner (In Charge) within. The colours are gorgeous – bright, super saturated and oh-so-pretty – and the textures are lovely. They’re creamy and easy to work with.

I found the applicator on the liner just a little tricksy but I’m a felt tip pen kinda girl, and perhaps I’ll get better with practice. And the shadows do crease, so use a primer.

Each product is €17.95 which is, in all honesty, about a fiver more than I was expecting. However, each bottle holds 5 g of product, which is generous, and the quality is great - especially on the lippies. I'm in love!

I'll definitely be hitting up a Lush store and spinning the big wheel soon.
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