18 July 2012

Beyond The Lita - My Jeffrey Campbell Wishlist!

Leopard print Lita, £120

At a recent bloggers’ event I clocked the gorgeous Emma Waldron in a pair of studded Litas that I’ve not been able to get out of my head ever since. So I hold her entirely to blame for my creeping around the internet, drooling over pictures of Jeffrey Campbell footwear.

I know I'm late to the party - his distinctive designs have inspired a million blog posts (check out Rosemary's here) - I guess this makes it a million and one!

Martini Spike Black Leather Shoes, £105

But as much as I admire them I don’t think Litas are for me –a general lack of balance and co-ordination mean I’d pose a very real danger to myself and those around me in a heel that high.  Plus, look, goddammit, I like my shoes to be comfy.

Benched Brogue, Cream and Black, £135

Wedges, flats and block heels are much more my style –and happily, Campbell also offers a range of designs that are very wearable, while retaining his signature quirky edge.
Tier Stud Leopard Print Sandals, £95

The designs featured here all caught my eye on the Cruise website – I love this luxury Scottish store and have just discovered their online boutique. This could be dangerous…

What do you think, anything floating your boat?
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