23 June 2012

Tom Ford Beauty Nail Lacquer in Bitter Bitch

I've had this polish for about five months, so it's bordering on negligent not to have shown it to you before now. Tom Ford's nail lacquer in Bitter Bitch might not be seasonal (check this post for more typically summery shades), but it sure is classy - which made it perfect for the recent L'Oreal awards.

This is the deep glossy brown of dark chocolate or coffee - hence the rather fabulous name - and, while I try not to have favourites, this is the jewel of my nail polish collection. In some lights it looks almost black; in others, it has a slight berry tone. I've tried to show both in the pictures above.

Packaging is predictably great - Tom Ford is all about the details - and, happily, so is the product itself. It applies smoothly, wears well, is incredibly shiny and longevity is good, too.

It's €30 - which is mad for a nail polish, yes, but actually quite good for Tom Ford - the lippies are closer to €50. You'll find it in Brown Thomas.
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