29 June 2012

Summer Scents - Three New Fragrance Favourites from L'Occitane, Stella McCartney and YSL

The signature scent concept is lovely in theory, but in practice, there’s a whole new world of fragrance out there just waiting to be discovered. This year I’ve branched out from my favourites - Chanel’s Cristalle Eau Vert for warmer weather, No 5 for cooler and Beige for everything in between - and been rewarded with some fabulous new discoveries.  Here are three I’d highly recommend for summer.

ONE Pretty in pink, Pivoine Delicate from L’Occitane is a lovely blend of peony, rose and lily of the valley. It’s sweeter than I’d normally go for, but that’s balanced by a lovely dry powderiness that’s reminiscent of my favourite Chanel fragrances. It’s light, delicate and has a vintagey sort of vibe .
TWO Stella Nude was a gift at the recent L’Oreal awards and after one sniff, I was hooked. It’s a very soft, feminine fragrance that smells mostly of roses, but with the added warmth of pink pepper, vanilla and amber. There's grapefruit too, which gives it a freshness and stops it from being too sweet.  
THREE The most similar to what I’d normally go for in summertime, YSL’s Saharienne is predominantly a citrus scent but there’s a bit of warmth and spiciness in the mix, thanks to notes of pink pepper and ginger. It smells quite classic and unisex – like an old fashioned cologne, but in a good way. And the ornate carved bottle just adds to that classy old-school feel. 
What are you spritzing on your skin this summer?


ArtDonatella said...

Love the sound of YSL Saharienne, must give that a sniff, like I need more perfumes in my collection :) x

fluff and fripperies said...

It's gorgeous Andreea! xo

Adele said...

Love the sound of the Stella scent!
Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

Fashion Stylist_ka said...

I am yet to find my signature scent... these sound great!

Ballet Pumps And Roses said...

Love the sound of these Emma - especially the Chanel one .
I'm always tempted to try new ones as well - so the idea of a signature scent never really sticks ..




Beauty Balm said...

oh these sound nice x

Anonymous said...

Stella Nude sounds gorgeous, I'll have to investigate that one.

Emma said...

I just bought L'occitane's fleur cherie today! Sniff it when you get a chance, it's lovely! Must try all these soon, there's nothing like a new scent to make you feel good!

Emma x

Victoria said...

I recently tried the L'Occitane shower gel of this scent and really liked it. It is very floral for me but without being old fashioned if that makes sense. x

fluff and fripperies said...

Oh I haven't tried the shower gel Victoria, must look out for it!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I think I would like the L'Occitane! Sounds heavenly! I like soft scents.

Natalie said...

sounds like the perfect fragrence!!