18 June 2012

Monsoon Maxis Are Totally Floating My Boat!

For me, holiday dressing is all about the maxi. And if there’s one brand that knows how to do a maxi, it’s Monsoon. They’re at the higher end of high street pricing, but I have Monsoon dresses that are years old and look like I bought them last week. Keep reading to see what caught my eye from the current collection.

Cherry Maxi Dress €235; Gobi Stacker Bracelets €25.50; Walmer Sandal €54
 Imogen Dress €108; Kari Necklace €30; Eccles Sandal €39
Indiana Print Maxi €250; Rangipo Earring €18.50

Aren't the campaign shots stunning? They make me want to pack a case immediately - and preferably, with all of the above. What do you think, are any of them floating your boat?

Luckily for me, I actually do have a case to pack! I'll be away this week in Barcelona so I won't be catching up with your comments or my favourite blogs till I'm back. But there are posts scheduled for while I'm away, so check in for your daily dose of Fluff and Fripperies and we'll catch up soon!


Amy said...

I work for Monsoon and they're really really lovely! x

ElsaD said...

I totally agree with you. Also, have fun in Barcelona. It's an amazing city! (You might want to check out my post series this week about 'packing strategies...') Besitos!

Eloquent English said...

Oh my gosh that first maxi dress is absolutely amazing! I love it!!! Have fun on your travels! xoxo A-

Sarah Lanagan said...

I love the colour of the first one but like the cut of the second one - can't beat a good maxi for summer time :)

Leslie said...

They're floating my boat too! Love the coral and white! Gorgeous!

fluff and fripperies said...

Good to see we're all loving the maxi dress for easy summer dressing! xo