16 June 2012

Incoming! New Shades of Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Vision and Abstraction!

Ooh, what's this, then? Could it be a brand new shade of Chanel's really rather fabulous Illusion D'ombre cream eyeshadow? What's that? It is? Well, move outta my way, I have shopping to do!

These little stunners have the most wonderful texture - check out my review of Mirifique - and they wear beautifully. Initially released in six shades, a further two are coming our way as part of the Expressions De Chanel edit. This small collection focuses on the eyes and will launch next month.

Pictured are Illusion D'Ombre in Vision, a gorgeous looking gold, and the chic neutral eyeshadow pallette, Les 4 Ombres in Intuition. A second shade of Illusion D'Ombre will also be launched - called Abstraction, this is billed as a natural rosy peach.

Come payday, either Vision or Abstraction will be mine (they're €29, so I'm limiting myself to one!). I'm leaning towards Vision - what about you?

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