21 June 2012

Beauty from the inside out: three supplements from Paradox, BetterYou, Bach

I don't generally bother with supplements or herbal remedies - if I remember to take a daily multivitamin, I'm doing well. But I've happened on this trio of products in various goody bags recently, and I'm rather taken with them.
That little spray bottle there is the apricot flavoured BetterYou B12 Boost Oral Spray, a mix of vitamin B12, chromium and green tea extract that you spritz under your tongue so it enters your bloodstream fast. It's aimed at those with an active lifestyle, people who travel a lot or who have been feeling increasingly tired - I fall into that last category there.
This costs around €15 but it should last you up to 40 days with daily use. It will last me a lot longer as I keep it in my handbag for when I need a boost.
As for those appealing little red sweeties there, they're Bach Rescue Pastilles, billed as providing natural stress relief in a cranberry flavoured gum. They contain the famous Rescue Remedy, but in a more convenient and less conspicuous form than the dropper bottle. These also live in my handbag and I'd gotten into the habit of popping one in time of stress or anxiety. Recently I passed them on to my sister as I felt her need was greater - she is a mum of two, after all! These are €7.95 and unlike the original formula, they're alcohol free. 
And finally, I'm not mad on oily fish but I know it's rich in omega 3, which has a wide range of health benefits  - it can protect against heart disease, arthritis, thrombosis, dementia, depression and more. So while I'm trying to up my intake of salmon, mackerel and herring, I was also chuffed to come across these Omega 3 chews, by Paradox. Ok, they're marketed at children, but if they make fish oil more palatable then I'm claiming them for the grown ups too. They look like sweets but don't be fooled - they're basically a blend of sea fish oil, pure extra virgin olive oil and pure organic lemon oil, and they're €14.99.
You'll be able to find this stuff in most health shops. Are you a fan of supplements and herbal remedies? What works for you?

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